Aurelia's Christmas Zero Build Tournament

Attention all Fortnite players! We are excited to announce our upcoming tournament. The qualifiers will take place starting December 19th and end on the 21st.

Join Our Christmas Tournament Starting December 19th.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against some of the best players in the community.

How Can You Join The Tournament?

Step #1

Join Our Discord To Get Entered Into The Tournament.

Step #2

In Order To Be Eligible For The Tournament You Need To Verify With Yunite.

Step #3

You Are Now Officially Entered Into The Tournament.

With A Prizepool Starting At $1,000


Mandatory: All teams MUST have at least 1 person streaming the event, should have something along the lines of "Aurelia's $1000 Christmas Cup" in their stream title.
General Rules:
You may not use anonymous mode on.
Follow Epic Games and Discord ToS. (No stream sniping, No hacking, etc.)
No vehicles (boats allowed)
No Ex-calibur
No ANY variant of the bow.
No Cars.
You may not have a 4th person, or "Coach" in your call at any time.
You may NOT use any of the perks as posted below:
Mechanical Archer
Demolitions Munitions
Chug Gunner
Storm Mark
Tricked Out

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to join the tournament please follow the three steps listed above to secure your spot in the qualifiers.

The prize pool can increase based on the number of players. That will determine the final prize pool for the overall tournament.

We have the link to our discord around the website but you can click here to join it.

Yunite is a third party service that verifies that you are a real person via verification through your Epic Account.

There will be 3 Qualifiers:

Qualifier #1 - December 19th, 5pm EST

Qualifier #2 - December 20th, 5pm EST

Qualifier #3 - December 21st, 5pm EST

The Tournament Format Will Be:

Game mode: Trios Zero Build, 6 games total (best 5 count)

Region: NAE